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MC-go V4.3.2
PlutoSite V4.5.2
MarsSite V4.3


Does asynchronous system support?

1. It supports Nova Pluto series asynchronous control system. 2. It does not support other provider's asynchronous control systems because they have different playprogram format.

Does it support synchronous system of other provider?

It supports all the features of othe supplier , except the function of control system monitoring of systems.

What functions does the system monitoring have?

1. Control system status: status of sending card, status of receiving card, DVI connection status, status of monitoring card. 2. Cabinet environment: temperature, humidity, smoke. 3. Screen status: power supply voltage, fan speed, the connectivity of flat cable

What functions do on-site monitoring have?

1. Snapshot of desktop: This function can inspect whether the PC computer terminal software is running well. 2. Snapshot of camera: This function allows user to check whether the screen on site is playing or not, etc.

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