System Features

Centralized Publishment

■Multi-type network: LAN,Internet,VPN.

■Efficient Publish: breakpoint resume for uploading and downloading and media sharing is supported, so that you have no need to retransmit the media repeatly. You can use different ways to download media,like download at special period or moment, and you can select download immediately as well.

■Offline Publish: Publishing playprogram offline is supported, so as the USB flash storage plug-and-show as well.

■Multi-feature of Playprogram:large quantity of media formats are supported and you can also desginate the date, weekday, time when the playprogram will be played。Video,text,evolving lamp, simulation clock, digital clock, countdown, weather forecast, temperature and humidity and other forms of media are all supported.

Architecture of NovaCloud cluster management system is shown on the right

Remote Monitoring

This system is designed based on leading NovaStar Monitor System,and it can get all the information of the running status of the screen remotely.

■System Monitor: status of DVI connection, status of Sending Card, status of Receiving Card

■Computer Monitor:usage rate of CPU, usage rate of RAM, usage rate of disk

■Image Monitor: with desktop snapshot and camera snapshot, you can monitor whether the player is running or not, and you also can know the surroundings around the screen(s).

Remote Setting

■Using Remote Setting saves your time and energy . This feature including those functions as follows: setting of playlog uploading, adjusting the volume, adjust the brightness,cleaning media, cleaning media, setting of Power Management,synchronizing the playing progress,restarting the OS of the termianl,transfering terminal,updating,black-out on power and so on.

Support Playlog

Playlog is record of media,which play on MarsSite or PlutoSite. with playlog,you can know better what is play in the Display.

■Lots of infors are record: The timing and length of media, result played...

■Export Playlog: You can import playlog in Excel Sheet,or you can do statistic and analysis first,and then import the result.

Support Multi-media

■Rich diversity of media format are supported, such as image, video, Audio, Flash, Office document, complicated text, static text, single-line text, revolving lamp, simulation clock, countdown, weather forecast, webpage, streaming media, external equipment,etc.

Multi-layer protection for system safety

■Multi-layer Security facility:This system adopts multiple safe protection measures, covering various links of data storage, transmission and play,so that to ensure the consistency and reliability of data

■Multi-level Access Control:This system adopts the method of register to manage the display connection and MC-go`s authorization......

  • ■Level 1:Management Center (fingerprint+account);
  • ■Level 2: Nova Cloud (file fingerprint+HTTPS+FTP+SSL);
  • ■Level 3: Site (file fingerprint+terminal registration+terminal device lock);
  • ■Level 4: display (DVI encryption)